Trinidad and Tobago Guardian:

We are the Guardians of Democracy.

With that comes our commitment to the country to provide both news and features to our readers as it is.

Credible, accurate, unbiased and relevant.

A dynamic new energy has taken over our staff, our operation and our intention, which is to bring this nation the most progressive daily newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago.

We have been in this business for over 100 years and we are poised for the next 100. Harnessing new technologies as we step into this exciting new era of journalism.

Our newspaper contains content that connects with almost every audience which exists across our Nation. We break every boundary- be it ethnicity, social class, geographical location or gender by the many different forms of content that our publication embraces.

Our newsroom has been re-designed to international standards to deliver the best quality newspaper. Our content promises verified, breaking news across all platforms, the latest current affairs, intriguing investigative journalism, the most relevant business intelligence and heart-warming stories. This has all been made possible by our investment in the best technology for our journalists which enables and empowers them to be the Guardians of Democracy.


CNC3 was initially launched as a cable-only news service in September 2005, as Cable News Channel 3, with its output consisting mainly of News and Current Affairs. In 2008, CNC3 obtained a free to air license, becoming one of the mainstream national broadcasters, operating on channels 12, 14 and 22. Potentially, it can reach all 400,000+ households in Trinidad and Tobago, with its signal extending into Grenada. Beyond its free to air presence, CNC3 is available on all T&T’s leading cable and satellite services and it is also streamed online.

As it broadened its appeal beyond News & Current Affairs, the station quickly became a prime time market leader, with a mix of local and foreign shows. With increased local access to foreign channels via cable or online, the station has been building its local content portfolio as a key market differentiation, bringing a mix of in-house and independent productions in several genres.

Recent successful shows include satirical weekly The Rundown, No Laughing Matter, The Morning Brew, the daily weekday talk show Sunny at Sundown and food strands including Cravings and Taste and a number of independent productions focusing on a variety of interests such as cars, business and religion.

CNC3 has a strong commitment to T&T’s sports as the local exclusive broadcaster for major events such as cricket’s CPL and the FIFA World Cup. It also has partnerships and rights to broadcast other major events such as the Olympic games and local competitions like the Secondary School Football League, in line with its support for local talent.

The channel is also dominant on digital platforms and social media, through its own website (cnc3.co.tt), and a soon to be released dedicated app for iOS and Android to increase its already thriving presence on all major social media services.

Electronic Billboards

One of the most recent areas of activity added by Guardian Media are electronic billboards, which were launched in March 2015. They are the largest in Trinidad and Tobago, with the best picture quality in the market and positioned in strategic points to maximize returns to advertisers. The billboards, traded as The Big Board Company (TBBC), help Guardian Media provide the most comprehensive and powerful media mix for local and international advertisers with virtually all demographics catered for. TBBC reach continues to grow as it moves to dominate the DOOH (Digital Out OF Home) Advertising industry. Currently, the locations of TBBC’s electronic billboards are as follows:
1. Guardian Building (North Face), St Vincent St., PoS
2. Guardian Media Ltd Headquarters Chaguanas, South Bound
3. TBC Transmitter Site Caroni, North Bound
4. Champ Fleur West Bound PBR & EMR
5. Champ Fleur East Bound PBR & EMR
6. Roxy Roundabout St. James
7. The UWI, CNR EMR and Tunnel Drive
8. ANSA Coatings, Tumpuna Rd. Arima
9. Lady Young Road, Morvant
10. VMCOTT Beetham Highway, Westbound
11. VMCOTT Beetham Highway, Eastbound
12. ANSA Auto Chaguanas, North Bound


Guardian Media has the first and largest radio network in Trinidad and Tobago, with its beginnings dating back to 1925 when a British based company, Rediffusion, acquired rights to radio distribution in Trinidad. The company continued to expand its operations and, in 1946, it formally created the Trinidad Broadcasting Company, setting up its own full station in 1947, known as Radio Trinidad 730AM.

TBC continued with its pioneering ethos by launching, in 1976, the country’s first FM station: 95.1FM – The Best Mix. Other stations followed: Radio Tempo 105FM, now Vibe CT 105FM, a leader in local music and sports coverage.
In 2017, 95.1FM was re-branded to 951 REMIX and retains a market leading position as an adult contemporary station.
The East Indian market has been catered for by TBC since 1995, with the launch of Sangeet 106.1FM followed by Aakash Vani 106.5FM, both highly successful with a mix of chutney and other East Indian music as well as talk and discussion programmes.

In 2011, TBC launched its sixth radio station, Slam 100.5FM. The progressive urban station has taken the market by storm, becoming a multimedia conversation point for a younger, urban demographic in Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2015, the network was revamped with the closure of its inspirational 730AM service and the opening of Sky 99.5FM, also catering for the Christian inspirational market. This was needed to reflect the fact that most people in Trinidad and Tobago now prefer to listen to radio on FM. Also in the same year, Guardian Media decided to take its decades of radio broadcast experience to Guyana, with the setting up of Mix 90.1FM, an adult contemporary music station broadcasting live from the capital Georgetown and serving all major cities in the country.

Guardian Media’s network of stations is also available online on station websites and through mobile apps, helping cement its position as Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest and best radio network with over 200 thousand regular listeners on air and online.

Our Stations

Sky 99.5 FM

The station brings the heritage and credibility of Radio 730AM the FM band, serving the gospel community and has a wide listenership both in Trinidad and Tobago with a mix of current affairs, gospel and inspirational programmes, music and talk.

Aakash Vani 106.5 FM

The station brings the heritage and credibility of Radio 730AM the FM band, serving the gospel community and has a wide listenership both in Trinidad and Tobago with a mix of current affairs, gospel and inspirational programmes, music and talk.

Sangeet 106.1 FM

Sangeet 106.1 FM is a leading radio station in the contemporary East Indian Market, catering for the 18 to 40 year-old demographic. The music is composed of local chutney, the latest and the most popular Bollywood songs and super remixes. Sangeet 106.1FM is synonymous with broadcasting all the hottest and happening Chutney Events held at nightclubs throughout the country, and is the Official Station for major Chutney Events.

The Vibe CT 105 FM

The Vibe CT 105 FM – ‘The Nation’s Station’ resonates with the pulse of the demographic that is 30 and over. The premium Urban Adult station reflects the sound and events of the people. Calypso, Soca, Reggae and R&B all constitute the musical fare of the frequency, reflecting Trinidad and Tobago’s rich and diverse musical talent. Beyond music, the station is also the focal point for T&T’s other love: sports, and carries the slogan “The Sports Leader”. It delivers lively and authoritative commentary of all major sporting events, especially cricket and football.


951FM REMIX is the best music station in T&T serving a wide demographic, with music for the young and young at heart for listeners who enjoy a combination of top 40 mainstream hits & alternative, juxtaposed with some dance hits and EDM crossover appeal. The station brings an exciting mix of music and personalities on radio. Now with a new look, new line up and new sound. 951 Remix will turn your office day into an epic staff party! Play your music your way.

Slam 100.5FM

Slam 100.5FM is the place to be for the young, urban, hip and trendy. It fuses the best elements of the Urban Culture, bringing an eclectic blend of Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B, Pop, and Soca. We consistently engage our audience in interactive and progressive promotions and concepts, going beyond ordinary urban radio content. The station is also fully integrated with its social media platforms, in line with how its core audience consumes music and information in the digital world.

Mix 90.1FM

The most recent addition to Guardian Media’s radio network is in Guyana. Mix 90.1FM brings top 40 mainstream hits catering to young professionals ages 25 –35. The music offered to the Guyana’s discerning public is supported by decades of expertise in the sector. The station serves the areas of Georgetown, Linden, Berbice and beyond, broadcasting from modern facilities in the capital.